Storage & Packing Solutions Alabama | Earl's Moving Company
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Storage & Packing Services

Solutions For Any Move

Packing Solutions

Earl’s Moving Company provides fast and efficient storage & packing solutions for your move. We understand that situations sometimes occur and manpower or time is a factor and it is difficult to get everything packed for moving day. We provide a viable solution for your moving need so you can have one less thing to worry about.


Ask us about our Custom Packing Solutions and how these solutions can fit your every moving need.

Storage Solutions

If you need safe and secure short term or long term storage solutions, look no further. It is not uncommon that your move may require a storage need because of space, time, or anything out of the ordinary. Earl’s Moving Company offers storage solutions for all residential and business needs. Anytime you need your stored items, we will retrieve them quickly so the waiting is minimal.


No matter how big your storage & packing need is, Earl’s Moving Company will always find a solution to meet your needs.

Moving Tips

Schedule Us in Advance

By scheduling in advance, you will have a greater selection of time frame for your move and you will receive our lowest moving rates.

Be Organized

An easy move is an organized move. Make a checklist, label boxes with contents and destination, write down special instructions prior to the move so you don't forget.

Keep Similar Things Together

Whether you do the packing or we do, keeping similar items together will make the packing, moving and unpacking less stressful.

Have Plenty of Supplies

No matter how well you prepare, you will likely run out something so make sure you have plenty of boxes, packing tape, and packing materials such as paper and bubble wrap.

Pack Breakables Separatley

Delicate items and breakables need to be packed carefully and handled with care. Make sure to use extra padding or packing material and label the boxes as Fragile.

Keep Essentials Separate

Make sure you pack things you need immediately or in the next 1-2 days separately, especially essential items such as medicine.

10+ Years of Experience in Moving Services